Russian export of ice machine:

  • Kazakhstan
  • Slovakia
  • Uzbekistan
  • Finland

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Manufacturers of Russian Ice machine wholesale:

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Russian Ice machine wholesale products

Ice maker

Ice maker

353 - 393$
  • 1
  • 308
  • 3
Ice maker FUNK C800

Ice maker FUNK C800

  • 0
  • 418
  • 5
Ice maker

Ice maker

  • 0
  • 350
  • 5
Ice Machine (Ice Machine)

Ice Machine (Ice Machine)

  • 0
  • 765
  • 1
Icemaker SE 5000

Icemaker SE 5000

  • 2
  • 423
  • 1

  • 2
  • 329
  • 0

  • 1
  • 372
  • 5

  • 0
  • 397
  • 4

๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡บ TOP Exporters Ice machine from Russian Federation

Ice machine manufacturing companies you many buy this products:

Good from Russia

Refrigeration equipment: Ice machines for flake ice with a capacity of over 0.7 t / day

  • Refrigerating equipment: ice machines for flake ice,
  • Refrigeration equipment: ice machine of flake ice,

  • Refrigerating equipment: ice machines, snow machines
  • Refrigerating equipment: ice machines, snow machines,
  • Cube ice machine
  • Industrial metal furniture for public catering establishments: storage bunker BN-2-100, Rolling bunker BP-100, Ice machine table SL-100
  • Refrigeration equipment: ice machines for non-household purposes, models: LG-24 06K-01, LG-24 06K-02, LG-46 25K-01, LG-46 25K-02, trade Abat brand
  • Ice machine,

    Metal-working machines: universal machine for sharpening knives machines for pouring and removing ice

    Technological equipment for trade enterprises, public catering and catering facilities: blenders, ice crushers (ice crushers), bar multifunctional machines, bar mixers, juicers,

  • Machine for pouring ice and applying paint on an ice surface, supply voltage 220 Volts,
  • Ice Pouring Machine,
  • Road machines: automatic anti-icing system for maintaining asphalt pavements road,
  • BAKERY PRODUCTS IN FRENCH AND THEIR SEMI-FINISHED PRODUCTS OF VARIOUS DEGREE OF PREPARATION woodworking equipment: 8063 woodworking machines: household): Technological 1st line for the production of ice cream sticks

  • Utility machines : Ice harvester LK-02, manufactured according to TU 4853-005-72876614-2015
  • Utility machines: Ice harvester
  • Machine for spreading anti-ice coating model MVU-5D

    Utilities machines: Automatic supply system anti-icing conditions

    Speed โ€‹โ€‹skating machine ( Treadmill for hockey players), model Bystry ice

    Technological equipment for food, industry: Machine for making soft ice cream

    Technological equipment for the food industry: Machine for the production of transparent block ice, trade mark Crystal

    Equipment for municipal services: ice-filling machine,

    Oilfield equipment: Ice cutting machine

    Technological equipment for trade, public catering: ice cream machines,

    Machinery and equipment for municipal services: ice-cutting machine,

    Ice machine price today (22.02.2024)

    Our expert has compiled a table of wholesale Ice machine prices based on shipments from Russia to various countries around the world.

    Prices on FOB (Vostochnii, Ust-Luga, Novorosisk, Primorsk)

    ProductIce machine price per kg,MTWeight
    Refrigeration Equipment$360 / kg10-100 kg
    Monoblock Refrigerator (refrigerator$22.9 per kg100 - 1.000 kg
    Refrigerated Steel Container$13.8 / kg1.000 - 10.000 kg
    Furniture Metal Type Used In Institutions$4.8 / kg10-100 kg
    Metal Furniture Of The Type Used In Institutions, Not Exceeding In Height Of 80 Cm Metal Cabinets Designed For Storing Accounting Documents$4 per kg100 - 1.000 kg
    Metal Furniture For Enterprises And Public Areas$3.5 / kg1.000 - 10.000 kg

    Delivery Ice machine from Russia to worldwide

    Ice machine price 2021 year

    In the table you can see how the wholesale prices of Ice machine vary depending on the season.
    Product 1.20202.20203.20204.20205.20206.20207.20208.20209.202010.202011.202012.2020
    MONOBLOCK REFRIGERATOR… $17.52$18.15$20.98$21.24$20.58$19.67$20.24$21.01$21.53$22.1$21.87$21.1
    REFRIGERATED STEEL CONTAINER $10.6$10.9$12.6$12.8$12.4$11.9$12.2$12.7$13$13.3$13.2$12.7
    METAL FURNITURE OF THE… $3.06$3.17$3.67$3.71$3.6$3.44$3.54$3.67$3.76$3.86$3.82$3.69
    METAL FURNITURE FOR… $2.7$2.8$3.2$3.2$3.1$3$3.1$3.2$3.3$3.4$3.3$3.2

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    Delivery from Russia, Kazahstan, Uzbekistan
    Export to cityDateKm
    Kara-Balta (Kyrgyzstan) - Temirtaลซ (Kazakhstan)02.2020808
    Minsk (Belarus) - Khiwa (Uzbekistan)02.20202788
    Tashkent (Uzbekistan) - Banskรก Bystrica (Slovakia)02.20203953
    Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan) - Hรคmeenlinna (Finland)02.20203033

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